Quality and professionalism, the bedrock of our success

Currently, the Tinka Group, based in Carrara, Italy, continues growing and  has expanded  its business to India, China, Hong Kong  and the United Arab Emirates. The company’s priorities are to provide the best quality stone, a timely, impeccable service and to uphold  the highest ethical and professional standards in customer relations and corporate conduct. The Group has become a point of reference for important architecture firms and designers looking for highly prized, exclusive natural stone.

Our services

Searching and selecting the best marble and
natural stone from quarries all over the world

Processing stone with advanced innovative
machinery and artisanal craftsmanship

Distributing marble, granite, onyx, travertine and
other natural stone to major International markets

Our strong points
Product Quality

Unique, exclusive stone

We have made the quality of our Natural Stone our top priority. We supply the best stone from the best quarrying sites in the world.

Impeccable Service
We offer a 360° Customer Service

We guarantee our Customers  receive impeccable service, from sourcing to processing,  including timeliness and prompt delivery

Customized Solutions
Creativity guaranteed

We provide high-end solutions to meet the specific, and even most demanding, requests, from Architects, Designer and Customer

Professional Ethics
Integrity, trustworthiness, fairness and good faith

We uphold the highest professional and ethical standards, both in customer relations and  corporate conduct.